Not another Rounded bolt…

In the midst of all this riding around, like any good Biker, I have to occasionally open my tool box and work on the bike.

Just before the MOT this year I gave the bike a quick once over and found my chain needed adjusting.  A simple little task you might say (for those of you who are not sure on how to do this I will post a guide soon).  As I went to adjust the the bolt I found it to be seized…Oh well no biggie. A quick squidge of double tt and it should be fine.  Or so I thought.  Time for the mole grips! Why oh why do I never learn.  This left me with a very rounded bolt and a saggy chain.  

You can see how bad the rounding was in the end on the right 

Well a little while later I’m finally back in the garage and have bought some extra tools. I had thought about cutting a groove in the bolt here and using an impact screwdriver which can work but I thought it would be good chance to try something new.

I came across these beauties: bolt grip sockets made by Irwin.

Amazingly they managed to get the bolt out, granted with a little heat and an impact driver.  But none the less worth every penny, I only wonder where they were when I started my rebuild.

A definative must have for anyone working on an older bike or one they use all year long.


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