What’s this all about?

After many years of riding motorbikes, watching motorbikes on TV and reading about motorbikes i found that something was missing.

I read about the latest sports-bike, touring bike, trail bike it pretty much doesn’t matter which one but i always felt that i wasn’t convinced, should i try one?  Should i buy one?  Lets face it it’s a lot of money to part with and at the end of the day i could hate it.  So what would be my options be? Sell it and loose some money, or keep it in the garage and have it doing nothing.  Well i’m not a fan of that and this brings me to why i’m here.  I wanted to test bikes and give a real world opinion as to if i could live with it every day.  I commute on my bike for a lot of the year and need to know that i’m buying something that will last, work for me and be something i enjoy riding every day, through almost any weather condition.

I’ve also managed to rope my dad into this to give advanced riding tips and some good routes.  I’ll post some bios up soon.